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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I know if nutrition counselling is right for me ?

Ans- The kind of nutrition counselling offered at Nutri Activania leads working professionals, athletes  or struggling individuals towards a healthier lifestyle. It is especially important for diabetics, heart patients and others suffering from lifestyle diseases so that they are able to manage their condition by eating good, nutritious food at appropriate time  which help them lead a better life.


  1. Why should I opt for Nutri Activania ?

Ans- Nutri Activania should be chosen because here everyone is treated as an individual with unique lifestyle, culture,physical activity , coping pattern, food habits and preferences. All these and more are taken into consideration  while planning your diet which makes it easier to follow.


  1. How should an appointment be scheduled in the nutrition counselling ?

Ans- An appointment can be scheduled online or directly by phone.


  1. Can children be included in nutrition counselling ?

Ans- Yes, the children can and should be included in the nutrition counselling of the guardian. It is best to start early so that the children base their lifestyle and food choices taking the healthier option.


  1. Are my family members, spouses or friends welcome to join me during my appointment ?

Ans- We, at Nutri Activania, believe that a spouse, family member or a friend offer a lot of support to anyone getting nutrition advice  and this greatly enhances the success rate of the plan being followed. However, we request you to bring only one extra person with you so that our time and effort to understand each other does not get diluted.


  1. What should I expect from my first visit ?

Ans- Your diet, medical, family and lifestyle history is evaluated along with your body fat percentage, water volume etc with the help of Body Composition Analysis during your first visit to Nutri Activania. A nutritious diet plan is then recommended taking your food preferences into account.


  1. Should I carry any medical reports to my first appointment ?

Ans- If you have any pathology report of the past six months, please carry them with you when you visit Nutri Activania for the first time.


  1. Are the nutrition guidelines customized for everyone ?

Ans- Every person gets customized nutrition guidelines based on his/her anthropometrics, activity level, age, gender and goals. The extensive information provided by you decided the nutrition advice given which is adjusted during the follow-up visits.


  1. Is it possible to have the counselling sessions on phone / Skype ?

Ans- Counselling is available on skype and phone.


  1. How do I make the payment ?

Ans- You can pay  by cash or through Mastercard, Visa and RuPay at the clinic.Clients can pay online via (PayU), or via cheque / DD, or bank transfer.


  1. Lots of Nutritionists sell nutritional supplements. Are they safe and are they really required ?

Ans- Nutri Activania  recommends well-balanced wholesome  meals so that the need for supplements is minimized. However, in some cases, supplements of vitamins and minerals are recommended if the deficiency found is extreme.


  1. Sometimes, I am not honest about my eating habits because I fear being judged. So, what should I do ?

Ans- At Nutri Activania, we have a practical and sensible approach towards individual eating habits because we realize and accept our own failings too. We do not judge and nor do we believe in eliminating all your favourite dishes  from your every day meals. We make your diet plans taking your food preferences into account. We also add a dash of humour into our proceedings so that after a couple of sessions with us, you will actually be looking forward to some advice specially after the results start showing in the form of a fitter you.


13How would I know whether I should take a longer duration package or not?

The idea is to empower you to follow a healthy lifestyle as a way of life and not just when you are ‘on’ a diet. This may take 3/6/12 months depending on your specific case. We can help you with this decision in case you are confused.


  1. Where is your clinic ?

We operate from our clinic in New Delhi. The address is M-65 Saket ND-110017. We offer services worldwide.