Senior Citizen Diet Plan

Eating good nutritious food at every age is as important as exercise and sufficient rest. Eating healthy food becomes more important as we age because all our organs start degenerating. Obesity, hypertension and diabetes are some of the lifestyle diseases which affect the elderly. They can be prevented and controlled with the right kind of meal planning.

The physical activity of the elderly decreases bringing down their metabolism too. Therefore, smaller quantity of food is required to compensate the lack of usage of energy.
As the elderly have dental problems, due to which they are not able to chew their food properly, they may not be getting sufficient nutrition.

The digestive system of the elderly weakens and therefore, they are unable to digest their food properly they had always relished. The elderly commonly complain about heaviness in the stomach, gastric problems and acidity.

Meal planning for the elderly is different from the active youngsters and therefore, it is done keeping in mind their changed requirements.

Personalised Consultations

We conduct this to do a SWOT analysis of your body & mind. While establishing your Strengths and Weaknesses, we can avert threats related to chronic diseases by helping you prevent them and help you
focus on opportunities for gaining Benefits from the NutriActivania program


We will make a custom meal plan for you based on the SWOT analysis of your body and ensure we give you foods you love, and that can help you maintain a healthy metabolic rate naturally.


We also give you cheat codes to keep you happy. We all have a natural instinct to be naughty, and we all deviate from those strict routines every time. We call it having fun, and we make sure that while you are having fun, your body and mind are activated to help you keep your metabolic rate always at optimum levels.

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We make sure that you are not alone in this Journey which is why we take the wellness of all our members very seriously as your health is the only priority of any NutriActivania Program. We appoint a dedicated wellness manager to ensure you always have someone to talk to about your health and active lifestyle.
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